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On this page you will find videos and articles about the VITALplus brand. 

future in physiotherapy

Board meeting of the VDB in the therapy center VITALplus. What is the status of the profession of physiotherapist and how is the industry developing? Greifswald TV was visiting.

Image video VITALplus

Find out more about the VITALplus brand, our facilities and our team. We take care of your physical rehabilitation with high professional standards and a wide range of services. 

Technical cooperation Greifswalder FC

We are the experts at Greifswalder FC when it comes to getting fit again quickly after an injury. We are part of a well-structured chain to restore the physical performance of top athletes. 

Opening of the Greifswald Therapy Center

Report by Greifswald TV from April 30th, 2021

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