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training therapy

rehabilitation aftercare

Therapy center VITALplus Greifswald


Restore physical performance after rehabilitation with equipment-based training - you can do that with our training therapeutic rehabilitation aftercare T-RENA. T-RENA is mainly carried out in rehabilitation facilities, health centers, physiotherapy practices or hospitals. T-RENA (training therapeutic rehabilitation aftercare) is the reduced version of IRENA. Device-supported exercises are carried out in the aftercare program. The aim is to train mobility, coordination, strength and endurance, to relieve pain and to increase the performance and resilience of the insured. T-RENA usually includes 26 appointments and an introductory training course (50 minutes) as an individual appointment. The duration of the training units is 60 minutes each, and they are usually carried out twice a week. Follow-up care must begin no later than 6 weeks after the end of rehabilitation and be completed within 6 months.

When is T-RENA an option?

  • with functional limitations in the postural and musculoskeletal system

  • if training therapy services have already been used successfully during medical rehabilitation

  • if physical performance and endurance should be further increased after rehabilitation

Expiry of T-RENA

  • Start within 4 weeks (no later than 6 weeks) after rehab

  • 26 training dates (plus an individual instruction training session) in an open group

  • maximum 12 participants per group

  • training is usually 1-2 times a week

  • a training session lasts 60 minutes

  • if necessary, T-RENA can be extended by a further 26 training dates

  • in exceptional cases, T-RENA can be carried out as an individual service with 12 appointments and a duration of 20 minutes each

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